#12A 66-day conflict and “Flannel Soldiers” continue to fight for the freedom of all. There will come a day when they will be decorated as true patriots who fought with sticks and stones against the dictatorship in times of apathy. 

A great recognition of a great journalist, “Ka Shim" who takes these amazing photos risking his life every day! To him and many more we owe them the world also 

Long live the freedom fighters! 

Help us spread this as much as possible! The media are censored! The world must know how this protests are being criminalized by the dictator Regimen! 

Be sure to see a great video of this day, April 12, performed by one of the great fighters for freedom of speach: Braulio Jatar


Thank you!

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The “Flannel Soldiers” no surrender! Against injustice and impunity these warriors continue to protest against a dictatorial and totalitarian regime crushes who opposes. 

Venezuela is all alone! The media are censored at the discretion of Regimen violating all the laws of the constitution and the human rights of the citizens who live here. 

Help us spreading this so the world knows barbarism and fiction that exists today in Venezuela! 

Thank you very much! 

Photos: Ka Shim, AFP, Other

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Just as the "Flannel Warriors", journalists covering these news are true heroes too. @lunavincenti in this case. We owe much to all those people who risk their lives to show the world what really is happening in Venezuela. 

Help spreading this. media are censored. 


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"We do not cover our faces to be criminals, it’s because we do not trust the Venezuelan justice"  We will be here until is needed. The real heroes fighting against dictatorship in Venezuela remain on the road until you see justice. 

Please help us spreading this!! The media are being censored and the regime constantly lies to people while repressing their opponents. HUMAN RIGHTS ARE BEING VIOLATED IN EVERY WAY!!

We are the resistance. It is re-evolution baby! 

Photos: Donaldo Barros

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These are NOT fascist murderers, they are freedom fighters. Warriors against Venezuelan dictatorship. Against impunity. Against injustice. Against abuse of others. 

These Venezuelans are true patriots who daily risk their lives to demand their rights and are being criminalized by a dictator regime that seeks to censor everything that opposes! 

The world need to know what is happening in Venezuela. The media is censored. We are all alone against a corrupt government that suppresses all in their path!

We are the resistance, we are re-evolution! 

Spread this please! Thank you!

Photos: Alejandro Cegarra

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Fallece una mujer embarazada en Los Teques, luego de recibir dos disparos | NTN24


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Some photos of young who struggle against dictatorship in Venezuela (take it by Carlos Becerra). We’re all alone, there is no rule of law. This blatantly declared the dictatorship in Venezuela. O.E.A. preferred to remain silent about many crimes and human rights violations. 

Please help! Spread!!


Bello Monte 20M PNB, civiles y motorizados contra estudiantes #ResistenciaAnonima.

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Policia de Aragua y colectivo le caen a “palo” a un estudiante en la UCV (San Jacinto), Maracay. 19/03/2014

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Marcha de repudio de los hechos de violencia en la UCV y la detención del Alcalde Ceballos. Bello Monte. Caracas. 20/03/2014 

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La represión del gobierno se mudó a Bello Monte… 20/03/2014.

Parte II.

Fuente: La Patilla.

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